Popped Culture use sustainable strategies and smart business principles to help those in need. Specific Goals, Policies, and Strategies help us pursue our mission. Popped Culture defines Goals as the primary areas around which the Company will implement its vision and form the basis of its operations. Policies are statements of intent. Strategies represent approaches for implementing Polices and should evolve over time as new tools emerge, new processes are designed, and the benefits and risks change.

Goal 1: Support social change.

Policy 1.1: Provide low-income or underserved children and youths with beneficial products or services.
Policy 1.2: Promote education and professional skill development.

Strategy 1.1: Engage local non-profits, schools, and key stakeholders about kids’ needs.
Strategy 1.2: Partner with local learning institutions.
Strategy 1.3: Increase the capacity of entities with a public benefit purpose.
Strategy 1.4: Effectively communicate company values immediately and at a glance.

Goal 2: Deliver thoughtful, high quality popcorn products.

Policy 2.1: Quality is of utmost importance.
Policy 2.2: Ingredients showcase local tastes.

Strategy 2.1: Use unique flavor combinations.
Strategy 2.2: Customers feedback dictates direction.
Strategy 2.3: Provide exceptional service.
Strategy 2.4: Assessed through consumer reviews.
Strategy 2.5: Build strong relationships with suppliers.
Strategy 2.6: Standardize processes to ensure consistency.


Goal 3: Steadily monitor sustainability initiatives.

Policy 3.1: Follow the 3P framework (people, planet, profit).
Policy 3.2: Commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation.

Strategy 3.1: Determine pros and cons of using local products.
Strategy 3.2: Potential to label products as organic, non-GMO, dairy free, and gluten-free.
Strategy 3.3: Operate in a waste-reducing manner.
Strategy 3.4: Minimize the use of nonrenewable resources.
Strategy 3.5: Build partnerships with key stakeholders in the community.